SEEKING | Artistic Swimmers | Online Submission

April 12th, 2024 - June 12th, 2024

Seeking: Talented Artistic Swimmers with outstanding technical ability to join our prestigious Aqua Theater productions. The swimmers must bring a modern and charismatic energy to their performances to captivate and inspire our audience.

Artistic Swimmer Submission Requirements:

Introduction Video - telling us about yourself and your career (1 Minute)

Resume, current photos and footage of the below:

  •  6 sets of 10-second Vertical Hold, rest 30 seconds.  Alternate facing front and side to demonstrate line and maximum sustainable height.

  • 1 x 360 Twist performed as slow as possible.

  • 20 meters of Double Arm Eggbeater.

  • 1 x Ariana rotation, holding each of the 3 splits for 5 seconds.

  •  Back dives or any acrobatic skills.

  • 10 sets of Double Arm Body Boost (a "jump" for Americans) - Power, sharpness, and height consistency is essential.

  •  2 x maximum height Barracudas in a row (no spin, no breath in between).  1x Barracuda Spin with 1-2 360s.  1x Barracuda / Split boost of choice.

Movement combinations 1, 2, and Hakka: Movement Combos Linked Here


General Audition

Talent Sought:

Artistic Swimmers


Online Submission


Online Submission


Artistic Swimmers